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Maleny Hamper Co - Quintessential Maleny - "A Gift that lasts a lifetime"
Pomodoras - Grape and Bay Balsamic

1 x 250ml

The perfect accompaniment to a cheese platter, or drizzle over a fig and walnut salad, maybe mix into a bread loaf recipe, try it as a marinade on duck, ham or pork, or splash it on to a tomato and prosciutto salad.

This is our personal favourite from the beautiful artisan crafted Pomodoras range of balsamic. Made in Maleny.

Maleny Hamper Co - Bird In Hand

2 x 200ml

12.5% alc Predominately Pinot

A delicate sparkling wine with summer fruit flavours and a crisp, clean finish.

The miniature piccolo size is perfect for celebratory occasions.

Because one is NEVER enough, we include two! Enjoy chilled.

Hinterland Bees - Maleny Honeycomb

1 x 200gm

Seasonal Maleny honeycomb from the biodiverse rainforests & orchards of the Sunshine Coast. This honeycomb is not touched by human hands. It is built inside the hive by the bees, directly into the insert frame, which is then transferred into the elegant transparent packaging. Not cutting the honeycomb lets it remain dry on the outside, and, unlike others, it isn’t packaged in a pool of honey.

Drizzle over-ripe Brie. Slap it on Ciabatta toast with a smothering of butter. Top plain yoghurt with pieces of comb and add honey drizzle. Pair cubes of honeycomb with flavourful goat cheese. Mix small chunks with quality vanilla ice cream, or scoop it straight out of the container! YUM.

NB. Due to Biosecurity laws, Honey and Honeycomb products can not be shipped to Western Australia.

Maleny Hamper Co - Maleny Coffee

1 x 250gm Roasted Beans

Maleny Coffee are artisan coffee roasters based at Maleny in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

A boutique roastery providing freshly roasted coffee, creating a first-class coffee experience.
‘1891’ is a signature blend of five origins.

It is a tribute to Maleny’s year officially proclaimed as a town. A full-bodied coffee with hints of chocolate and spice and a mellow, fruity finish.


1 x 200gm

This version of Panforte is produced by one of Maleny’s artisan producers in her home, especially for Maleny Hamper Co. A chewy Sienese cake full of nuts, spices, honey and fruit. You haven’t tasted a true Panforte until you’ve tried Claires.

Panforte is perfectly paired with wine, cheese or beer. Slice into small wedges and set out as a sweet appetiser at a party – pairs perfectly with chocolate. Serve at the end of a meal with coffee, cappuccino or port.

Sweets on Maple Fudge Trio

3 generous blocks of the best fudge ever! We have sampled a lot to find you the best we could, and of course, the winner was right here in Maleny.

We have chosen Creamy Caramel, Pavlova, and Salted Pecan Nut.

Maleny Hampers Co - Brouhaha

In 2016, four Sunny Coast locals set out to build their ultimate brewpub.
Mates Julian, Jeff, Dave and Matt banded together, fusing their passion for beer with their love of the land and deep connection with the community that raised them.
Setting themselves up in the hinterland of Maleny, Brouhaha was birthed. A modest, no-fuss brewery where high-quality craft beer met with fresh, local produce for patrons near and far.
We have selected a couple of cans from their range for your enjoyment.

Raspberry Saison
1 x 375ml 4.5%
Born in a French farmhouse, local raspberries burst through this crisp, dry and slightly tart masterpiece.

Maleny Lager
1 x 375ml 4.5%
Brouhaha is known for being creative, but it’s all about respecting tradition with this classic Czech Pilsner. Unfiltered. Balanced. Clean as a whistle.

Terra Australis Quandong Marmalade


Native Australian bush food conserves made in Maleny by Terra Australis. Packed with fruit, this conserve has a distinct Apricot/Peach flavour and is delicious on toast or crumpets. You could even drizzle over ice cream or use it as a sauce over waffles or pancakes. For something completely different, use it as a baste on a leg of lamb or as a feature in a mini jam tart topped with whipped cream.

Maleny Cuisine - Chilli Jam


Maleny Cuisine is a gourmet condiment manufacturing business on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia, owned and run by William and Marina Nicholl.

This is a delicious fiery jam with a difference; it’s certainly not something to serve on toast! It combines chilli with chilli and, you guessed it, some more chilli with a touch of garlic, sugar and a blend of herbs and spices. Maleny Cuisine’s Chilli Jam is highly versatile, great with stir-fries, seafood, hot or cold meats, vegetables, a piece of soft creamy cheese or on its own by the spoonful. Not to be served for breakfast but has been tried on ice cream for dessert!

Sow and Sow - gifts to grow

4 x packets of Australian native seeds – Kangaroo Paw, Billy Buttons, Swan River Daisy and Everlasting Daisy

Whether it’s for the crazy plant mum in your life or your best mate that needs a little encouragement keeping their green friends alive. These seed gifts will bring joy to the inner gardener in everyone.

Produced in Maleny with 100% recycled materials.

Maleny Hampers Co - Arakai Estate

Premium Green Tea

– late spring-summer and autumn harvests
1 x 25gm packet

Premium Black Tea

– late spring-summer and autumn harvests
1 x 25gm packet

These teas can be steeped up to 5 times!

We recommend you enjoy them without milk or sweetness.

Bellthorpe offers the perfect elevation & rainfall and fertile soils with the correct acidity to create this sought after brand. The Arakai plantation now has over 5km of meticulously maintained hedges to allow for machine harvesting of the freshest tips

Dr Rebecca Ray (Maleny based author) - The Universe listens to Brave

1 x beautifully illustrated and author signed hardcover book.

Dr Rebecca Ray is a Maleny based author.

This book of wisdom has been written for you: the ones who seek to live with more courage.

Reach for it when you’re setting an intention, making a big decision, doing the work of healing, grieving, creating or learning to love yourself.

This is your invitation to leap into your most expansive life.

Dr Rebecca Ray is a writer, speaker and clinical psychologist. She invites you to contemplate your true self in its bravest form: the self that is still asking questions. The self that is seeking wisdom. And the self that’s determined to stay open to the possibilities of life inspired.

Chilli Harvest - Southern Cross Smoky Salsa

1 x 270gm

This salsa pairs beautifully with cheeses and a good chardonnay. Also a flavour kickstarter to BBQ Prawns, fish and calamari. Just as awesome when used on pizzas, pastas, chargrilled chicken. Running out of time? Simply use it as a dip with crackers!

Maleny Hamper Co - Rain Forrest Liquer

1 x 150ml

This liqueur has a not so subtle essence of flowers taste with the distinctive perfume of the Acacia flowers and deep tannin background. The prolific yellow flowers of the Zig Zag Wattle tree burst with taste and vibrancy in this liqueur.

Created and hand-blended by Conondale local John R King. This is one of his unique liqueurs from his extraordinary range of Australian Bushfood Liqueurs, and more are ripening leisurely!
Enjoy slowly and with good friends.

Caroline Farley - Homemade Pineapple Jam

1 x 250gm Jar

There is a little bit of sunshine in each jar for Queenslander’s who fondly remember pineapple jam. Sweet and acidic flavours collide in this spreadable pineapple jam filled with finely diced chunks of pineapple.  Hard to put the lid back on once you open this jar!

Maleny Tea Towel

Available in Black or White.
You will be able to choose your colour during the checkout process.

Maleny Shirt

Available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL
You will be able to choose your size during the checkout process.

Sometimes products will not be available from suppliers thanks to Covid19, the weather or some new disaster. We will do our best to include what we say we will in the hamper, but there may be times when we have to substitute the out of stock product with another similar product.

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